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New This Week

October 19, 2014

Another week of double releases and then I think we'll be back to single part releases for a while. Maybe. Or maybe we'll go with two releases through the rest of October. If someone manages to talk Diane into coming back, we'll probably have to shift to a two release schedule permanently. And I'm anticipating at least two releases per month from the 2G project when things get rolling with that (on top of whatever is being done with the original timeline). So by the time next summer comes around, we might have to shift to a three story a week schedule.

The new releases:

Trials of a Warrior 

Kayda is struggling to keep up with her lessons, but it isn't just the ridiculous course load assigned to her at Whateley that is getting her down. Two of her toughest teachers are inside her head, pushing her to master the wisdom of the ancestors and the spirits. And that homework can't be checked with a quick look at the answer table in the back of the book.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

The Art of Being the Imp 

Candice Kade is now a rising star in the New York City art scene. But she is far from new to the museums, galleries, and private collections; which for many years were her favorite hunting ground - as the infamous art thief, the Imp!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2